Benefits of Singing Lessons for Kids

Starting singing lessons as a kid at Fox Music in Virginia Beach not only puts you in the right direction to find out the different sides of your voice through singing, but also gives great chances to find success when you get older. When kids come into Fox Music, it puts a confidence inside of them that can grow into wonderful abilities to relate to others. It also gives them the understanding and ability to show people what they have in their music. One of the biggest and best parts of singing lessons is it makes self-esteem bigger. Not only can they help grow a kid’s confidence, it can also help with a kid’s growth mentally. For example, there has been research done where it was found that the Spatial-Temporal IQ improved 56% when a kid was put in singing lesson programs. This is much higher than the kids who were put into no programs at all. There is also proof in many different types of studies that students get higher scores on their SAT’s. The different studies showed that kids got 39 points higher in math and 53 points higher in verbal for their SAT’s. Students have also gotten better grades like A’s and B’s and held honors and awards. Students who did not take any singing lessons were not as likely to get as high grades. In these studies, it did not matter if a kid was from a poor area or a rich one. The kids who took them still got better grades.

Benefits of Singing Lessons

These studies show that coming to Fox Music for singing lessons will grow many areas of life. This growth happens while being placed in a fun, motivating learning setting. Also, kids understand better how to organize and manage their daily lives. Behavior gets better in kids as well. Taking singing lessons gives them something to commit to and stick with. This is because they set up a schedule for practicing and coming in for weekly singing lessons, which trickles into the rest of their lives. Lastly, students taking singing lessons show less anxiety than students who do not take them. This is very important, helping with decision making and giving a way to let out frustration and stress. In the end, there are huge benefits to beginning at Fox Music as teenager or kid. Come by and try them out at Fox Music, and let your mind and passion grow as you express yourself through song.