Benefits of singing lessons on and off the stage

Singing lessons make your life better. No matter what your interests are, at one point or another you will find yourself using your voice musically. Humming a tune, jamming with friends in the car, rehearsing for choir, while doing chores, or even in the shower. If they are asked, most people will most likely suggest that the reason they sing (or hum or jam out) is because it makes them happy. That seems like such an adequate response, and it is! Over the years, there has been research done on the benefits of singing lessons, and it’s been found that there is evidence to back up such a claim! Research shows that singing releases endorphins (the hormone that makes us feel good) into our blood stream, improving mental health and helping with issues such as anxiety and depression. After starting singing lessons, soon you will find yourself humming through life!

Singing lessons and confidence

Singing lessons can put a new sense of confidence into anyone. This is not just confidence in your vocal abilities, although those will grow. You will also see that this confidence trickles into the rest of your every day life, and goes much farther beyond simply your ability to match pitch and create sounds. Singing lessons teach you how to be expressive as you perform, and suddenly the shyness you’ve struggled with for so long doesn’t seem like as big of a deal anymore. Where you may have stayed quiet during a conversation, you could now find yourself speaking out about whatever topic may come up. Singing lessons allow you to become more comfortable with yourself and your body, and that helps you to come out of your shell and not be so self-conscious. Start your musical journey today; a new experience is waiting for you just around the corner!