Benefits of Voice Lessons for Children

Starting voice lessons as an adolescent at Fox Music in Virginia Beach not only starts you on a journey exploring the depth of your voice through singing, but also offers incredible benefits to increasing chances for success later in life. When children come into Fox Music and take voice lessons, it instills a sense of confidence that can grow into excellent communication skills, presentation skills, and increase self-esteem. But not only can voice lessons help impact a child’s confidence, it can also greatly impact a child’s intelligence and mental skills. For example researchers have found that Spatial-Temporal IQ improved 56% when a child was put in voice lesson programs over no programs at all. It has also been shown through multiple studies that students who take voice lessons score higher on their SAT’s (39 points higher on Math, 53 points higher on verbal), as well as demonstrate higher grades, receiving As/Bs and holding academic honors and awards over students who do not take voice lessons. Students who take voice lessons also demonstrate higher test scores and higher reading scores regardless of socio-economic background.

Benefits of Voice Lessons

As you can see from those few findings, taking voice lessons at Fox Music offers the opportunity to grow in intelligence as one grows in singing skills, while being surrounded in a fun, stimulating learning environment. Furthermore, students who take voice lessons are shown to have better behavior and better organization when it comes to coordinating their daily lives. Taking voice lessons allows students to develop a dedication and persistence as they set a schedule for practicing and coming in for weekly voice lessons, a skill which can be implemented in other areas of their lives. Students who take voice lessons also demonstrate keen problem solving skills, which can be used in making more precise corrections academic settings. Lastly, students taking voice lessons show less anxiety than students who do not take voice lessons. This is vital at the time of development in adolescence and taking voice lessons and increasing in skill can offer individuals a way to let out frustrations if under any stress. Overall, there are a tremendous amount of benefits to beginning voice lessons at Fox Music as an adolescent or young student. Come by and try out voice lessons at Fox Music, and let your mind prosper as you start your passionate journey expressing yourself through singing.