Benefits of Voice Lessons On and Off the Stage

Voice Lessons Make Your Life Better Everybody sings. With friends, in choir groups, on a stage, when finishing household chores, or even while in the shower. Ask anyone the reason and they’ll tell you singing makes them happy. We now have scientific proof to back that up. Research suggests that singing releases endorphins (the feel-good hormone) into our blood stream, improving mental health and helping with ailments like depression. Voice lessons can be an effective way of instilling confidence in your singing abilities and multiplying the benefits of this common hobby. However, what many people often miss is that the benefits of voice lessons extend well beyond your improved ability to sing. Voice lessons impact other aspects of life as well. Benefits of voice lessons

  • Improved singing

First things first – voice lessons help perfect your vocal techniques, improve abilities and reach your full potential. These include things like range, power, tone, control, and the overall beauty of your voice.

  • Better breathing

Did you know that breathing exercises are an important part of developing vocal technique? Here at Fox Music of Virginia Beach, we incorporate breathing exercises into all lessons to help overcome breathing difficulties. Further, deep breathing exercises are helpful in managing stress, depression, concentration, and relaxation.

  • Improved vocal health

Voice lessons improve the understanding of how to use your voice in a healthy way. You’ll know how to prevent your vocal cords from strain or damage. Early lessons will be of special importance if you plan to pursue singing as a career. Understanding how the voice works and how to keep it healthy is extremely important. Ignoring this can lead to destroying your voice and any chance of having a beautiful tone.

  • More confidence

Voice lessons help build confidence, which spills over to other aspects of your life. Once you learn the proper way to hold a microphone and stand in front of an audience, with the right attitude, you’ll be filled with confidence and the spirit of delivery. Voice lessons also help you overcome shyness. As you experience more opportunities to perform, you’ll become more expressive, improving self-esteem and self-expression in the process.

  • Sharpened public speaking and performance skills

Apart from shyness and lack of confidence, group voice lessons are also the cure for a nervous disposition, and they help your delivery for public speaking. Voice lessons improve clarity of voice, in addition to improving confidence – both of which are needed to be any kind of performer or public speaker. Come join us at Fox Music of Virginia Beach in developing your singing skills and confidence that only voice lessons can provide.