Broadway and Your Passion

If you are a lover of Broadway, you will always remember the first time you went to see a show. Finding your seats, looking through the program, it was all you could do not to scream with excitement. Or maybe a parent or grandparent dragged you there, and you weren’t looking forward to spending 2 hours sitting down at all. But then the lights went down. The curtain opened. And life as you knew it was never the same. The mesmerizing scenes happening on the stage in front of you was something you were unable to look away from. There was an entire world you never even knew existed, and you knew right then and there that you wanted to be part of that world, come what may.

Broadway and You

Cut to your love of Broadway today. You are now well versed with popular shows such as Rent, Wicked, and the ever-growing Hamilton. You have become comfortable on the stage. You understand the emotion you need to convey for the characters you love. But maybe you don’t know how to sing for Broadway the way you desire. Using your instrument to perform Broadway is one of the most exciting adventures you can take yourself on. One of the most important steps you can make to grow in the style of Broadway is to get training that is geared towards that goal. Whether it’s belting, using falsetto, or simply needing to get your voice to communicate emotion through song better, Fox Music is here to help. Your instructors will go through different scenes with you and work on technique, exercises, and performance skills. Being able to sing certain styles in a way that is healthy for your voice is something to be treasured. When your voice is your livelihood, you have to make sure that you are keeping your instrument healthy in every way possible. You will find the stage to feel like home if you commit to growing your instrument to accomplish your dreams. Start that journey today; you’ll be happy that you did!