Celebrating the Spirit of Changing the World Through Guitar Lessons for Teens & Adults

What are some good ways you can contribute to changing the world? Being respectful of and compassionate towards other folks? Check. Donating to charity? Check. Being environment friendly? Check. Music? Check. Check. Check. Music is powerful. It is indeed the ubiquitous language of mankind. Music touches lives and changes people. From We Shall Overcome by Joan Baez, Imagine by John Lennon and Free Nelson Mandela by The Specials to Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan, Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2 and Fight the Power by Public Enemy– music has in fact changed the world. Why don’t you bring your music at the forefront too? You never know just how many people you can touch and help with the music in your soul. Now if you’re wondering where to start, here’s our favorite suggestion. Allow us to present a clue. What do Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck have in common? You’ve guessed it – six strings. Unarguably the greatest guitarists of all times, these men have changed the world with their axe. And you can too. Guitars are used extensively in most musical compilations. They are beginner-friendly. They sound interesting, look cool and are transportable. But the best of all – they are so, so expressive! You can play the widest range of notes and sounds on guitar. Now that we have the instrument decided, let’s discuss training. You can always turn to the Internet and self train yourself. But great aspirations need great preparations. Fox Music Virginia Beach has some great selections of beginner and advanced level guitar lessons, drafted especially for teens and adults in Virginia Beach and Hampton Road. The Guitar Academy of Fox Music Virginia Beach employes a skilfully crafted 10-level curriculum to help you rock your six string. Once you’ve learned that, be prepared to bring your music in the limelight and touch the lives of others, one performance at a time