Chords, Common Fingers, and Clean Playing

Chords are important to learn no matter what genre of music you’re interested in playing. Most of the songs you listen to everyday are built off of basic chord structures that can be transposed to easier keys. Have no idea what that means? That’s fine. Focus on your chords first and as your guitar lessons with Fox Music of Virginia Beach continue you will learn all the music theory necessary to be able to transpose songs on your own. Once you learn some basic chords in your guitar lessons and are comfortable switching between them in an efficient manner, your repertoire will drastically expand. Once your have learned some basic chord formations, practice switching back and forth between them. Time yourself with a stopwatch or smartphone and see how many times you are able to switch between two chords in ten seconds. Write the date and that number down. Keep practicing and time yourself everyday. You will notice improvement very quickly. To make your chord switches even faster, study each chord formation and look for common fingers between two chords. For example, practice switching between G and Em. Which finger can you keep down the entire time? Use that finger as a pivot point when switching between these two chords. By not lifting up this finger we are able to save time and energy in our chord switches. Our hand and fingers do not have to move as far and you will shave seconds off your chord switches between G and Em immediately. Look for common fingers between other basic open chords too. The more common fingers we can find between two chords, the less time and energy it takes to switch between them making our playing more smooth, efficient, and clean.