Combining Voice and Guitar Lessons

All genres of music have widely different sounds, but there is one similarity that runs across many different genres. John Lennon from the Beatles, Ed Sheeran, and John Mayer all performed different styles of music, but they all had one important thing in common- they were known for playing guitar and singing simultaneously. Not only is the mix of guitar and vocal music popular throughout multiple genres of music, but the ability to combine the two through voice and guitar lessons also makes for a better musician and performer. Combining voice lessons and guitar lessons widens a student’s musical knowledge. Guitar lessons require students to gain a deeper understanding of music theory than just voice lessons alone. It is an opportunity to see the other side of music and gain an appreciation for both vocal and instrumental music. By taking guitar lessons, students will better understand keys, scales, chords, and modes. As a student learns more music theory, he/she will become a better musician, no matter what style he/she performs. Whether the student performs solo or in a band, the student will be able to produce higher quality music, and if he/she so chooses, eventually even write it. By taking both guitar lessons and voice lessons, a student will have a deep understanding of both parts of music. His/her ability to combine the two parts in composition or performance will make him/her a standout musician. The combination of voice lessons and guitar lessons also widens the range of music that a student is able to perform. For example, a student may not venture to perform a song by The Beatles if he/she cannot play the guitar. The ability to be able to both sing and play a song by The Beatles creates a much higher-quality performance than it does by singing to a pre-recorded track. Guitar lessons improve a student’s ability to play the guitar well, which deepens the authenticity of a performance. A singer who also plays guitar immediately intrigues the audience, because many musicians choose not to explore various areas of music. This deeper connection to the audience automatically improves the performance. No matter what a student’s musical goal is, taking both voice and guitar lessons will improve his/her ability to create and perform music.