Confidence in voice lessons

Voice lessons make you more confident in a lot of ways. When you first start them, you might feel a little bit shy or even scared. But as you get used to your teacher, you start to shine! Voice lessons will make your voice bigger and stronger. As your muscles grow, so does your confidence! You can sing Broadway songs, classical songs, and even bring songs you like from the radio! You will find out what kind of songs you like to sing. If you don’t like a song in, you can tell your teacher so they can change it to a song that you like better. Adults will become more confident in voice lessons. Children will become more confident in too. Anyone at all will become more confident in voice lessons. Understanding what your teacher says in voice lessons will make it easier to sing the way you have always wanted to. You will learn new words that will help you understand how your voice is growing and even changing. Your teacher will show you many different ways to grow your voice like learning to be able to sing high notes and low notes. Your teacher will help you with anything that you are not confident in and you will start to understand things you haven’t before. You will understand ideas and see them in action when you sing! Your teacher will help you sing in recitals and be confident to sing in front of other people. You will learn and be able to show the audience how to bow and introduce your songs. You will have the chance to hear your voice in a different way. In voice lessons, you will discover a voice you didn’t know you had!