Don’t Ruin Your Voice With Online Videos! Take Singing Lessons With An Expert!

Singing is one of the most fun activities a person can do! So many people want to learn how to sing and they refer to YouTube how to videos or just try and imitate what they hear on the radio. Those two concepts are some of the worst things you could possibly do to your voice! Don’t worry there is a solution! The solution is coming to Fox Music and working with educated and trained voice teachers that will take your voice to the next level. When you go online and try and find a quick fix to singing video, or how to hit high notes, the information those “voice teachers” are telling you, will actually hurt your voice. There is no quick fix to singing. If someone tells you there is, then that is a red flag and that should tell you they know nothing about how the voice actually works. Here at Fox Music we focus on vocal health. Your instrument is created to last your whole life. If you take care of it and follow the proper steps to achieve vocal health, you wont have any issues singing what you want to sing! If you are watching a video and your singing along and you feel strain, or hoarseness in your sound, you should stop! You should never have to strain for those high notes or start to feel dry and hoarse after a few verses. High notes should be effortless and low notes should be full and grounded! You can achieve that effortlessness and fullness within your voice by strengthening it the correct way. Many people don’t realize that your vocal chords are 100% muscle. Like any muscle in the body, they have to be exercised a certain way to build strength and control. Here at Fox Music we teach the proper exercises and lay out the proper steps for each of our students so they can really unveil their true vocal ability. If finding your voice is something that intrigues you, call Fox Music today and schedule a free voice lesson so we can help you begin your journey to vocal success!