Embarking On A New Adventure – Singing Lessons!

One of the most amazing things about singing lessons is the time you have to allow yourself to explore a new adventure. Letting yourself grow in singing lessons isn’t something that happens overnight. Expecting yourself to be perfect is not realistic when it comes to vocal development. There are so many areas in life that are rushed, so many things that have to be taken care of “right now”. With singing lessons, you are forced to slow down, take your time, and see your results happen from simply resting in the consistency that your teacher gives to you. It is so simple to say “This is what my singing lessons teacher has told me to do. I am going to believe what he/she tells me, and I am going to follow directions. I am believing I will see results.” The other option is believing that the entire weight of the world rests on your shoulders, and you have to make sure that it gets done or it never will. There is no fun in having to do everything by yourself! Vocal development is for you, it is not another “thing” that you have to do. What would happen if you simply knew that your teacher knew what they were talking about, and you could trust in that? What would occur if the growth you saw in your own unique and special instrument happened because you knew when to rest? What would happen if you found freedom in letting go? That is what music is all about! The more you try to control your voice, the less control you have. The more you allow yourself to let go, the more freedom you will have within your instrument, and therefore, the more you will be able to gear it in the direction that you want it to go! Start singing lessons with Fox Music today, and see freedom reign!