Embracing Yourself In Singing Lessons

Singing lessons are one area of your life you do not have to rush through. Time tends to go by so quickly, and everyone is so demanding of you, expecting you to accomplish a vast array of things “right now”. With singing lessons, you get to allow yourself room to breathe. Often students start their musical journey and the first thing they do is let their instructor know about an amazing new song they heard. Wanting to go over it right away, they ask how to make it sound like the girl/guy on the radio. Slow down! While your instrument is created to make beautiful sounds, it is your instrument. No one can sound like you better than you can! Instead of trying to sound like someone else, you have the exciting opportunity to grow what you already have, to allow for your instrument to blossom. Instead of trying to please others through what you think your voice should sound like, you get to be you!

Being you in singing lessons

The beauty of finding and loving your instrument in singing lessons is unlike any other journey you will take. It is the journey of embracing what you have deep inside, and you don’t have to do it alone. Your instructors are there to help you. Where you think you are failing, your teacher knows you’re on the brink of something big. Where you think you should be somewhere other than where you are, your instructors cheer you on right where you’re at, knowing where you’re going. Because of the encouragement and confidence your Fox Music community has in you, you will soon find yourself believing it too! You will start to see the other side of the mountain before you get there, and know that you will get there in your singing lessons. You will one day listen to yourself in singing lessons and be shocked at the sound coming out. You won’t believe it’s you! That is what embracing and growing your voice does, and you better believe the other areas of your life will feel the results.