What Exactly is Vocal Technique?

Voice lessons are the best tool to guide you towards understanding true vocal technique. Your musical journey can seem like a big undertaking at first! Even hearing different and new terms can be quite intimidating. But learning vocal technique is vital to your development. The first step is to understand what this term truly means. Most of the time you will hear the word technique described as a way of doing something in a specific way, so naturally you probably think that vocal technique is the term used for how to sing, right? Even though that explanation is partly true, vocal technique is not fully in our control. The idea of technique is more accurate by saying that it is the capacity for your muscles to respond the way you need them to in order to give you the sound that you are looking for in order to sing. It is normal for your capacity to be on the small scale when you first start! You can’t grow muscles through conceptual learning; you have to develop those muscles through exercises. Your goal is to gain the full potential of your voice! When you don’t have the full amount of muscular balance, you cannot sing to the best of your ability. Having a weak instrument is not what you are looking for, even if you have tools like microphones to take up the slack. In voice lessons, you’ll learn that weakness indicates the need for development. This does not mean that you can’t sing softly when you want to, it simply means that you don’t want to have to. You want to be able to sing loudly when you want, and softly when the style calls for it. Voice lessons are there to help you achieve all of these things. Start today!