Featured Student of the Week: Jaden Davidson

Featured Student of the Week Jaden Davidson 9 years old What instrument do you study at Fox Music of Virginia Beach?

“Guitar and Voice”

How long have you been studying with Fox Music of Virginia Beach?

 “A year and a half”

What is your favorite aspect or part of your music lessons?

 “My favorite part of guitar is when Wesley plays me a new song that he is learning, and when I learn a new song on the guitar.”

How has your study with Fox Music helped you on your way to achieving your musical goals?

 “It has helped me with my confidence to get on stage and perform. Also he has helped me identify music notes and rhythms.”

What is your favorite song to play/perform?

“The Rainbow Connection”

What is your favorite type of music?

 “Pop Rock Music”

Who is your favorite musician?

 “Christina Perri”

What are some of your long-term musical goals?

 “One day I would like to be on the show the Voice and play a song on the guitar and sing.”

What has been your most memorable musical experience?

 “When I got in front of my friends at voice class and played the rainbow connection on my guitar and sang. When I was done everyone clapped and said how talented I was.”

What are some of your other hobbies?

 “Reading, writing, tennis, and art”