Grit, Guitar Lessons, and a Growing Musician

Often as parents, we want nothing more than the best for our kids as they begin their journey towards finding success, and ultimately, self-actualization. We think of what we could do to help encourage our kids to become the best they are capable of, while giving them room to grow and figure out themselves, allowing them to find who they are and where they want to go on their own terms. “Success” is a vague word, which in our society unfortunately often gets tied to the kind of job you have, the car you drive, or the popularity you receive. Although success can be highly subjective, to me it is much more than a listed accolade or job title, but instead success entails finding your passion and sticking with it through any hill or valley. In this regard, following your passion harmoniously from an early age and becoming successful can lead to increased happiness, life satisfaction, and better relationships. There have been a lot of studies on what determines success in children, and recently, they have pointed towards one key dynamic that determines adolescent’s successes in a diverse array of life situations – GRIT. Grit is passion and perseverance for long-term goals, having stamina so you can stick with your future to make it a reality, and living life like a marathon, not a sprint. Studies have shown that grit is a much larger predictor of success than social intelligence, physical health, or even IQ. So how do children learn to encompass the idea of grit and carry it with them throughout life? Guitar Lessons might just be the answer. At Fox Music of Virginia Beach, we offer guitar lessons and a positive learning environment for young guitarists to pick up their instrument and grow in skill as they come back week after week. Having a determined attitude while taking guitar lessons as they follow their passion through all sorts of difficulties and working towards mastering the fret board, builds a long-term goal that is both rewarding and challenging. Through the skills that children learn in guitar lessons, they can build grit and patience in achieving their goals in other areas of life that can often lead to success with the diligence and passion that they encompass, much like they do while practicing their guitar. Our instructors work with students through guitar lessons to help them learn to overcome any struggles they may have in their path of becoming a guitar hero, setting a fantastic example of patience and determinism to see them succeed. Ultimately these bumps during guitar lessons help children who may struggle in other areas of life, whether it is in classrooms or sports, to consistently push through and achieve anything they find a passion to accomplish, especially after seeing what grit can do when passionate about guitar. Overall, grittier children are significantly more likely to graduate and find success. In fact, grit was a better indicator of graduation and finding success than family income, standardized test scores, or safety of learning environment. Practically anyone can develop grit in the right setting, and being surrounded by a passionate team of instructors at Fox Music as your child takes guitar lessons allows them to gain grit through practice, ultimately beginning a rewarding journey as they see their efforts pay off and their skills increase – a lesson that can be instilled in how they view and tackle other challenging ventures in life!