Group Guitar Classes for Kids

fox-music-virginia-beach-guitar-lessons-200 Guitars are quite the craze these days, especially among preteens and teenagers and with good reason. They offer all benefits of playing a musical instrument (which have been linked to improved performance at school and in life), while being extremely beginner-friendly so that newbies don’t lose confidence in themselves and give up. If you have been thinking of enrolling your kids for guitar classes, put the thought into action asap! You’ll be glad at the results. We’ll let you in on a secret here. The trick to acing the guitar is following a set of 10 principles that we here at Fox Music of Virginia Beach like to call “mantras for stunning guitar playing”. These include –

  • Proficiency in basic guitar skills
  • Knowledge of fundamental music theory (chord charts, tabs and so on)
  • Strong listening skills (the tone, individual chords and notes, as well as the overall music must be processed by the ears carefully for effective playing)
  • Playing in time, keeping speed and rhythm intact (our expert guitar instructor, Wesley Fox recommends using a metronome)
  • Practice, practice and practice!
  • Owning a guitar (so that you can practice, practice, practice)
  • Finding motivation
  • Including variety in daily practice schedules
  • Having fun
  • Staying healthy

You’ll be surprised at the extent to which each of the following mantras, (or their lack thereof) can affect the guitar playing ability of an individual. Considering children are easily distracted but quick to learn nevertheless, we have devised a special 10-level curriculum for kids aged six and above. For Wesley, having fun is both mantra number seven and nine. Probably because he was a child himself when learning guitar and remembers only fun motivated him. To assist your children in finding the same motivation, we stick to a group setting for the kids. We are in favor of the scientifically tested approach of small group learning and encourage children to learn and play together. Impressed? Wait until we tell you more. Our small group guitar classes for kids also helps them build interpersonal skills, communication and presentational skills and develop problem solving skills. These life lessons are very difficult to be picked in isolated, private sessions, which are best utilized by teens and adults. Head to Fox Music Virginia Beach for more details about the ways group guitar lessons can help you little wonders grow into socially skilled and talented individuals.