Group Voice Lessons

When you hear the words “group voice lessons”, you may think that is simply when you are taught how to sing with other people. But that is so far from the truth. When you are passionate about music, you always remember the very first time you get to see your favorite musician perform live. It creates something inside of you that feels so alive. You are joined with all the other fans singing the same thing. It creates a sense of togetherness and friendship even with total strangers. When it is over, all you can think is that that experience is not like anything you’ve experienced before. All you want is to relive the night, and feel that same way again as often as you can. You may try to explain what it felt like to others, but it is something that cannot be explained. It can only be experienced. Well, what if I told you that same exact feeling can be achieved through group voice lessons at Fox Music?

 The more we sing together the happier we’ll be

According to studies, when you sing together with other people during group voice lessons, it can create a rush inside of you. These rushes you feel are a group of hormones called endorphins and they are being released. This release gives you a feeling of joy and calms your nerves. When you hit those high notes and work those low notes with others in group voice lessons, it makes the hormone oxytocin flow throughout your body, which eases stress and anxiety you may feel from the day. It turns out that singing together, no matter if you’re singing at a concert or in group voice lessons, have wonderful benefits to our bodies and sense of well-being. In a recent study it shows that during group voice lessons, our heartbeats even sync up! That creates the same feeling from going to your favorite musician’s concert-the feeling of being in something together that is bigger than yourself.