Grow A Love for Music with Guitar Lessons

When I first picked up my Epiphone SG 62’ Guitar and began guitar lessons I had no appreciation for music whatsoever. Sure I would listen to what was on the radio and sing along, but there was barely any artistry or musicianship involved in anything on my iPod. Thank goodness I picked up that guitar, because taking guitar lessons dramatically impacted the way I view music today! While taking guitar lessons, I began to appreciate a diverse array of music genres and artists. I began getting much more out of music than I ever thought I could because I was able to appreciate it as an artist taking guitar lessons. Now as my passion for music and guitar has grown, music is able to inspire and speak to me in so many ways, all because of my guitar lessons. Taking your first guitar lesson at Fox Music can open up your world to a variety of music appreciation too! You may start to hear certain instruments or take note of different riffs that catch your ear. Then you can come in to Fox Music for a guitar lesson and our instructors can help you try to master it yourself! As your taste expands, you may find yourself going to concerts and gaining a whole new appreciation for your favorite artists as you watch them play. Through guitar lessons at Fox Music you can learn to play along with those favorite musicians and artists! As your skills grow in guitar, you can find a particular genre of music that expresses your style the most and even begin to write your very own music. Music has the potential to be so prevalent and carry much meaning in our lives, and taking guitar lessons at Fox Music of Virginia Beach will allow you to enrich your music taste as you progress as a musician yourself!