Guitar Lessons and Attitude

Becoming a musician is not just summed up in the act of picking up a guitar and learning new chords, but more importantly it is embodied by the attitude that you show as you dive into guitar lessons. A fingerpicking guitarist by the name of Leo Kottke once said, “With all these great guitar teachers around here, don’t cop their licks, cop their attitude.” As an aspiring musician beginning guitar lessons with one of our great teachers at Fox Music, it will be hard not to have this infectious attitude of an instrumentalist stick with you! Our guitar instructors come to each guitar lesson with not only the skills to help you improve your abilities as a guitarist, but offer a positive attitude that promotes creativity and immersion into your instrument. So what defines this attitude that overcomes you as a guitarist? Well it is almost like a state of immersion where your energy is thriving off of every new thing you begin to learn on your fret board of your guitar during guitar lessons. You begin to try new things and ultimately compose new music as you further learn to express yourself! This attitude gets fortified with every other musician you jam with, creating a motivating environment to further your skills as a guitarist, and most importantly have fun in your lesson. Your attitude as a musician will start relating things in all aspects of life and self to music, as music itself can be its own language and way of expression. You will want to share these ideas you have taken away from guitar lessons at Fox Music and show others this contagious attitude of how music can positively affect your life as you further your skills and remain in your element. So what are you waiting for!? Come by Fox Music of Virginia Beach and enroll in guitar lessons today and catch the infectious attitude of a musician while learning new skills on your instrument and being immersed in a fun, positive, and creative environment!