Guitar Lessons and Happiness

When picking up an instrument such as guitar and taking guitar lessons at Fox Music, it has an immediate effect on our happiness and well-being. From the sound of the first strum you make to the combination of multiple notes into a chord, the skills you pick up through guitar lessons make you feel ecstatic about the possibilities of artistic expression! What more beautiful artistic expression is there to have than that of pure happiness? When playing your instrument in guitar lessons, you just simply can’t contain your enthusiasm and so you let it out through one song after another! Worldwide phenomenon Niall Horan once said, “Someone told me the smile on my face gets bigger when I play the guitar.” Playing guitar and taking guitar lessons can have the very same effect on you! As you begin to see the magic of making music through your instrument, it becomes near impossible to not smile and express that happiness through each and every chord or guitar lick. As a starting musician, the best part of being able to express your joy for music is the ability to share it with others and make them smile. Happiness is absolutely contagious and there is no other universal way to have others catches on than through music. Being able to take a song that incites happiness, work with our instructors week after week to learn new skills through guitar lessons, and perfect it is an absolutely enthralling experience and one that will bring a smile to just about anyone’s face. Soon enough, as you experience how much glee comes from the time spent between you and your instrument, you will find yourself making guitar a larger part of your life and the lives of others around you. At Fox Music we understand the importance of spreading happiness through music – and it all starts by picking up that guitar and sitting down for a guitar lesson with one of our enthusiastic instructors. So come in for guitar lessons at Fox Music and see how genuinely contagious a smile can be!