Guitar Lessons and Imagination

Starting guitar lessons at Fox Music isn’t just the beginning of learning an instrument; it is the beginning of truly exploring your creativity and opening up your mind to the art of music. Picking up an instrument and building a passion through guitar lessons is a priceless activity that promotes creativity. Simply using your skills to make a diverse array of sounds while specifically tailoring it to express your current emotions is a timeless activity that promotes inventiveness and imagination. Through the many things you learn through guitar lessons, you can apply them to creating your own style, sound, and even writing your own music. Songwriter Michelle Branch once said, “I think it’s so cool that you can pick up the guitar and create something that didn’t exist 5 minutes ago. You can write something that no ones ever heard before. You have music at your fingertips.” That’s the beauty of guitar playing – you can make whatever you want out of the instrument given and the skills learned during guitar lessons. Much how a painter is given a brush (or lack thereof) or a poet is given a pen, a musician is given a guitar and the rest will come with a continuous passion for creativity. Here at Fox Music, our instructors create a unique and positive environment promoting innovation, individuality, and most importantly, fun. When you feel the urge to let your imagination run wild with your tool of choice, the possibilities are seriously endless with an innovative mind and an encouraging instructor. In a study on creativity and brain development, creativity has even been discovered to be a vital importance of optimal brain functioning and allows individuals to process problems faster to achieve alternative solutions. So spark your creative side and start taking guitar lessons at Fox Music in Virginia Beach, where we foster your imagination and provide the tools and skills to see it grow week after week!