Guitar Lessons and Music Appreciation

Taking guitar lessons at Fox Music in Virginia Beach won’t just allow you to expand your skills as a musician through your instrument week after week; it will let you begin to appreciate music and the art of being a musician in every aspect of the craft. As you begin guitar lessons, everything from songs you hear on the radio to your favorite online performer intensifies. You begin to notice the way someone handles an instrument or hear the sound from different techniques. Soon you can work with your helpful instructor during guitar lessons to help teach you all those awesome licks that you start keeping an ear out for! Jazz Guitarist Pat Metheny said, “Listening is key to everything good in music.” This statement cannot ring more true! Listening is vital when playing an instrument, especially guitar. When you pick up your instrument and practice for guitar lessons at Fox Music, simply listening to the potential songs you can make from your fingertips can further inspires you to create a progression of linking chords and allows for endless possibilities. Meanwhile you begin to truly appreciate what skills it takes to play a variety of songs and styles that musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan utilize when they perform. Soon listening to each of these different styles that you take away from your guitar lessons allows you to have an ear for a variety of skills and scales that are utilized in some of your favorite songs. Through guitar lessons, you begin to start utilizing your ears more and more; finding a plethora of cool gems in music you hear everyday that makes you appreciate not only the musician, but allows you to be much more connected to the music itself. Ultimately, you can even expand these listening skills you pick up from guitar lessons and begin writing your own music as an aspiring musician. So stop by Fox Music of Virginia Beach to start taking guitar lessons with open ears, full hearts, and a passion for music!