Guitar Lessons and Stage Fright

Growing up, you may always find yourself in situations where you asked yourself, “Wouldn’t it be rad if I knew how to play the guitar right now!?” The answer is 100% yes, and with guitar lessons at Fox Music you can have the opportunity to shine your skills you learn as you master your instrument in any situation. Maybe it is a party or family function, busting out your guitar and showing off what you learn makes for the perfect time among family and friends. At Fox Music, we want you to feel confortable with your instrument and work with you during guitar lessons to allow you to take that step where you can share what new songs you’ve learned and be ready for any instance that demands a guitar be shredded! Who knows the possibilities when you show what you’ve learned in front of an audience. You could be a part of the next big band that gets scouted, or maybe catch the eye of your future fiancé! There are so many opportunities to come when you break out the guitar and start to jam. At Fox Music, we have an encouraging and positive environment in which we bring students together so they can feel comfortable expressing themselves in front of others and working with each other to overcome new skills along the way. I remember I had the hardest time playing in front of others, and never had that environment in which offered opportunities to work with other guitarists during guitar lessons and even practice outside the classroom. Seeing it in action at Fox Music, I realize just how open and friendly the guitar community is in encouraging and nurturing new skills through guitar lessons. In guitar lessons at Fox Music, you can expect to dive into learning an instrument with no reserve and coming out week after week as a more skilled player ready to show off your skills and collaborate with others!