Guitar Lessons and Stepping Outside the Box

The beauty of taking guitar lessons and having an interest in music is that it allows you many opportunities to think outside of the box when playing your instrument. Whether it comes to finger picking or coming up with a creative new solo that you learn from skills in guitar lessons, there are so many possible sounds and ways of expressing yourself through guitar. Artists such a Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin or Jonsí of Sigur Rós have even implemented violin bows in their playing styles. You may go through this adventure with your instrument while taking guitar lessons and find out that there is a different style that you never considered moving towards. Sometimes you may never know what true skill you have until you step outside your comfort zone. One of the most influential musicians of our time, Kurt Cobain, once said, “I never wanted to sing. I just wanted to play rhythm guitar – hide in the back and just play.” While getting engrossed in the music is a beautiful part about picking up a guitar and playing, it is important to break through those walls that may hold you back musically and try to conquer each challenge ahead of you. This becomes all the more vital when realizing that if Kurt never started speaking up and writing songs that echoed in all of us, he wouldn’t have paved the way for the 90’s rock scene and left his legacy behind. Although it may take much determination to try something new and obtain the skills it takes to perfect it, the important thing to remember is that every influential guitarist has had to start somewhere and use their passion and grit to break down barriers to achieve that status. Luckily, our encouraging team of guitar teachers at Fox Music are there to keep you motivated. Through your weekly guitar lessons, you can expand your skills to achieve just about anything with your instrument and go wherever your artistic expression may lead you.