Guitar Lessons and the Learning Curve

Admittedly, just like starting any hobby, it may be a bit overwhelming when you pick up a guitar for the first time and sit down with an instructor for a guitar lesson at Fox Music. Such worries as learning an instrument in front of a new mentor can seem overwhelming. You find yourself trying to adjust the way to hold your instrument in your hands, but nothing seems to feel right. You try to memorize basic chords, but then find yourself mixing up the strings saying, “Wait so was D after A…or A then C…then D…. wait C comes after D? Yeah, ACDC, that sounds right!” After you conclude your first guitar lessons, your fingertips seem to ache to your surprise, as if working your smartphone on a daily basis wasn’t quite the warm up they needed before jumping into guitar lessons. Luckily, I am here to tell you all these are minor speed bumps that can be overcome by a persistent mindset to learn how to play guitar through guitar lessons and surrounding yourself with a team of enthusiastic and encouraging instructors at Fox Music. As soon as you walk into your first guitar lesson at Fox Music, you will immediately feel comfortable with our instructors as they start you on your journey as a guitarist, offering an encouraging environment for you to learn in! After a few guitar lessons and enough practice, you will soon become a natural on the fret board and your fingers will be perfectly comfortable going chord from to chord. Becoming a master guitarist has a starting point, and although it comes with a slight learning curve, cultivating your guitar skills week after week through guitar lessons at Fox Music will help you persist to be follow your passion of mastering your instrument. So make your starting point today and come by Fox Music of Virginia Beach to enroll in guitar lessons and prepare to begin a challenging, yet rewarding journey, as you learn to become a master guitarist!