Guitar Lessons as a Lifelong Hobby

For most of us, free time can be sparse! That is why it is important to have healthy hobbies to make those moments enjoyable and productive. So, how about learning to play the guitar? Guitar lessons at Fox Music of Virginia Beach offer numerous advantages and open up many opportunities for our students. Playing the guitar is an activity that you can embrace from the youngest to the oldest ages. It functions as a lifelong hobby, with many benefits! Learning an instrument keeps your brain sharp. Research has shown how guitarists are very intuitive people. The neural networks of a group of guitar players actually synchronize, and even before the song begins! A 2012 study, “Intra- and Interbrain Synchronization and Network Properties When Playing Guitar in Duets”, published under Germany’s Center for Lifespan Psychology in the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, shows how guitarists’ brains become in sync when they gather to make music. This “Interpersonally Coordinated Behavior” reinforces the effectiveness and benefits of learning to play guitar. Learning the guitar is an appreciated skill in society. Adeptness on the instrument conveys discipline, practice, hard work, and artistry. People recognize that you don’t learn to play in one minute, but that it takes diligence and effort. Don’t let this intimidate you though! At Fox Music of Virginia Beach, we style our teaching methods to keep students engaged, energetic, and excited. Guitar is a fun instrument, and we feel that practice should also be fun. You won’t be bored with us! Maybe you hear your favorite song on the radio and think, it would be so neat to learn to play this! Well, with guitar as your hobby, this is definitely a possibility! There are so many other possibilities that you’ll encounter as you begin playing. You’ll make many friends at Fox Music, and could start a band together. Maybe you’ll begin playing guitar at your place of worship, or for family gatherings. To explore all of these opportunities, the first step is starting to play! Contact Fox Music of Virginia Beach for more information on turning the guitar into your new hobby. For more information on the research cited above, visit