Guitar Lessons at Fox Music

It is never too late to start taking guitar lessons. Fox music has many students ranging from ages 3 to 80 of all experience and ability levels. The teachers that preside over our guitar lessons are very qualified. Wesley Fox is one of our guitar teachers; he is a Virginia Tech graduate and has been teaching since the age of 13. Yes, you heard that right, 13 years old. I as a musician wish I had had taken guitar lessons while growing up because when one begins to learn a new instrument, or even just about music, wonderful new doors are opened. Now that I have achieved the status of ‘musician’ I have been blessed with many new experiences and encounters with very new and colorful people. An individual interested in our guitar lessons does not have to have any prior knowledge or experience about or with music coming into one of our guitar lessons. We teach you not just how to be a guitarist, but to be an all around musician. I have a very close personal friend who had no prior knowledge pertaining to the guitar other than guitar terminology that I would use in conversation. He received an acoustic guitar last Christmas and began to take guitar lessons that summer at Fox Music. He has only been attending guitar lessons for roughly six months with Fox Music and has excelled and advanced so much that every now and then we have jam sessions together playing songs that we know. Guitar lessons here at Fox have many benefits. I personally have benefited very much from the things I’ve learned here at Fox Music, not just as a guitarist or a musician, but as an individual. I used to be a very reserved and quiet child with low self esteem and no dreams or aspirations, now I have broken out of my shell and have a much better view of myself and hope to one day become a music instructor as well.