Guitar Lessons Define Us

It is insane how one wooden box and a few strings can come to be a way of life. When one begins a passionate journey with an instrument and starts to take guitar lessons to master it, they begin to view the world around them differently. Their love for music enhances their ability to recognize good artistry and appreciate the dedication and skill it takes to make it, especially when using them during a guitar lesson session. They soon find themselves going to their instrument for expression and their own inspiration, taking home new methods they learned from guitar lessons and implementing them in their own unique individual way. So why does an inanimate object carry so much meaning in our lives? Joan Jett once said, “My guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am.” Being a guitarist is more than just playing guitar. Starting guitar lessons is only the beginning of developing a meaningful passion with an instrument that will one day be one of the defining elements of who you are. You won’t just “play guitar,” you will become a guitarist, and it all starts with guitar lessons at Fox Music. Learning how to play the guitar gives you an outlet for expression and the ability to make art through the skills you learn in guitar lessons. You can go wherever you want with your guitar on your back, or as Angus Young said, “Just go where the guitar takes me.” You can build meaningful relationships with other guitarists and use the skills you have learned in guitar lessons to jam out and create music from scratch. Being a guitarist, allows you to speak a universal language that can connect your licks and lyrics with just about anyone and over any subject. Guitar is a beautiful thing that can be such a rewarding passion when you dive into it. So what are you waiting for? Call Fox Music of Virginia Beach and get started with guitar lessons so you can begin your journey as a guitarist today!