Guitar Lessons for Anyone and Everyone

Often we may find ourselves overcome by certain situations in life where we feel so overwhelmed we just do not think we have what it takes to continue. These situations can occur whether on a complex math problem or jumping into guitar lessons at Fox Music. It seems we convince ourselves that we cannot climb this metaphorical wall, and instead it becomes easier to just accept that we won’t and move on. Would you believe it if I told you this could all be overcome with a changed mindset? Well it can! Believe it or not a psychologist by the name of Carol Dweck has determined that there are two different mindsets that we may develop as go throughout life, growth mindset and fixed mindset. Growth mindset is the idea that when we tackle new learning opportunities, we do not view a hiccup as a permanent roadblock, but an obstacle that can be overcome with effort. Unfortunately we can easily find ourselves stuck in a fixed mindset, in which we can view our talents in one category or subject as fixed, often finding us writing off a stumble as pointless effort and continuing an ongoing search to find what talent we may be good at. The basic misunderstanding of this is that people who are in a fixed mindset believe that talent alone creates success without effort (Spoiler: IT DOESN’T). Individuals who have a growth mindset are often developing a love of learning and seeing any new opportunity as a starting point, that with effort, can overcome any learning curve. Luckily, once you realize that the brain can grow and adapt in response to challenge, it becomes a whole lot easier to persevere knowing that failure is not a permanent condition and that each and every one of us is capable of picking up an instrument and taking guitar lessons. All it takes is the right amount of determination, effort, and passion – characteristics that embody a growth mindset, which can help you grow as guitarist week after week while learning new methods during guitar lessons and overcoming barriers. At Fox Music, our instructors will help you break down those walls as you tackle new skills and master your instrument in guitar lessons! Most importantly, when you begin to see a positive correlation between a growth mindset and your guitar skills through guitar lessons, it can easily impact the way you think about other challenging situations!