Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Guitars are just awesome! Aren’t they? Transportable, inexpensive, good-looking and oh so expressive! You know one of the best things about guitars? You don’t have to be a Jimi Hendrix or a Les Paul to be loved when carrying one. You can just be you cause everybody loves a guitar player! Doesn’t matter if you want to grow up to be a guitarist, a singer songwriter or remain the talented neighborhood kid who can rip Voodoo Child like Hendrix himself. Guitars make you feel like a rockstar! Head to Fox Music of Virginia Beach for some helpful, quick and delightfully priced guitar lessons for beginners. The Guitar Academy of Fox Music Virginia Beach offers a customizable, 10-level curriculum to help beginners learn the basics and then master the techniques of rocking with a six string. Your teacher, the multi-instrumentalist Wesley Fox is a brilliant musician himself who knows all the tricks of the trade. You’ll learn, either in small groups or individually, how to play different chords and switch between them with the smoothness of Jimmy Page, how to master the notes on the neck of your axe and how to strum and finger pick like Eric Clapton. You’ll be coached in the different techniques of controlling your hands on the six strings, ear training, scales and rhythm to perfect your art. Our private guitar lessons ensure you can customize the lessons to suit your favorite genre. So if love Southern Rock, Wesley will focus on teaching you the Pentatonic scale. If you love heavier rock, Wesley will coach you in the use of Blues Scale and so on. The idea is to allow you to learn what you want to learn, and not what the instructor wants to teach. Not many music centers provide this level of freedom to students. So doesn’t matter if you want to learn the scales used by Santana or by Dire Straits’ lead Knopfler or master different techniques like slides, vibrato, bends and glisses – Fox Music Virginia Beach is your one stop shop for all guitar learning and playing needs.