Guitar Lessons for Kids – Parents Shouldn’t Hesitate!

Many parents are very hesitant when signing their child up for any type of guitar lessons. Parents usually think about whether or not their child will benefit from guitar lessons and whether or not the guitar lessons are suitable for children; as well as whether the teachers will have the patience of teaching a child or if the lessons will just waste the child’s mind and the parents money. Here at Fox Music we have very enthusiastic and experienced teachers, all of which are very positive role models. We provide a very fun environment for children of all ages.
As children grow up they tend to be a little shy; our guitar lessons produce a growth in confidence in our students and it really improves their self-esteem on top of the fact that our patient, experienced teachers have a marvelous time teaching the children about guitar.
Here at Fox Music, our group guitar lessons are designed not only to teach but to encourage and assist an individual in growth as a musician. In our group guitar lessons for kids, we have multiple performance opportunities and very encouraging teachers that make the children feel more confident in their playing which improves their self-esteem in unison with their abilities in guitar playing. There is a very strict policy about criticism in group guitar lessons. NO NEGATIVE CRITICISM ALLOWED IN GROUP GUITAR LESSONS! The teachers have wonderful activities that the students can participate in and they do not deviate from the curriculum but rather allow the students to better understand aspects of music that can generally be extremely confusing.
Here at Fox Music we only allow a fun and encouraging environment with fun and engaging teachers who have had ample experience with music; one of the teachers of the group guitar lessons for kids is a graduate of Virginia Tech and has been teaching since he was 13 years old, he is very patient and his students enjoy learning from him and they learn quite a bit for such young ages. We will be sure to help your little musician down the path to musical expertise.