Guitar Lessons: The Spider Exercise

The Spider exercise is something you’ll know backwards and forwards when you take guitar lessons with us at Fox Music of Virginia Beach. You’ll be playing it in the first month of guitar lessons as a beginner, and you’ll be playing it 10 years from now in your guitar lessons when you become a very advanced player. It helps develop proper technique, speed, left-hand efficiency, down strokes, up strokes, alternate picking, coordination, and playing legato. One of the most important aspects of this exercise is to walk like a spider with your fingers. Spiders have 8 legs. When they walk it almost looks like they’re effortlessly gliding across the ground. Having so many legs allows them to always have at least one leg on the ground. This makes their walking look very smooth and connected (think legato). What does legato mean? Legato is defined as, “in a smooth, flowing manner, without breaks in between notes”. In your guitar lessons with Fox Music of Virginia Beach, we’ll work on making your fingers act like a spider’s legs on the fret board. This will transform your playing and help to make you the king of playing legato! It’s very important to work on playing smoothly in this exercise. Being able to play the correct notes with the correct strokes is great, but being able to play it cleanly and smoothly takes some time and effort. When practicing the spider exercise in your guitar lessons with Fox Music of Virginia Beach be sure not to do what we call “The Frankenstein”. The Frankenstein monster is probably one of the clumsiest walkers in history. He can’t even get his left foot down on the ground before he lifts up his right one! He almost falls from side to side, barely walking in a straight line. Focus on having your fingers move like a spider across the fret board, not like the Frankenstein monster. And don’t forget – our new Guitar Academy hoodies are in! Pick one up at one of your guitar lessons this week and get a free t-shirt.