How to be Successful as a Singer

Have you ever found yourself curious about how the voice really works? Many people think that performing is just opening your mouth and sound comes out, but there is so much more that goes into singing! Understanding vocal technique can be overwhelming at first. People hear the word vocal technique and immediately think it’s going to be too hard for them to learn. Technique is often defined as a method of doing, or going about a task. That’s why many people assume that vocal technique is about how to sing. Although that definition is somewhat true, it is incorrect to think that vocal technique is in our direct control. Vocal technique is better understood and described as Your muscles having the ability to respond the right way to produce the sounds required for singing. When you first start voice lessons, your ability to make the required sounds will be limited. Vocal technique is not going to be learned just by taking in information; it is all about development of the muscles. It is muscular strength, balance, and coordination that enable the full potential of the singing instrument. Without having the strength, balance, and coordination it is impossible to sing well, regardless of how perfectly the attempt at singing is. Just like defined and bulging muscles in bodybuilding, vocal technique can only develop over an extended period of time through a long-term commitment to sufficient daily exercises. There is no quick fix to singing. The developmental process is vital to your vocal health. Many singers have vocal issues because they have bad vocal technique or they are abusing their voices. If your voice is ever feeling hoarse, dry, or the function of your sound isn’t working the normal way, you should stop singing and rest your instrument. Don’t explore your voice alone. Come to Fox Music and let our trained and educated teachers lead you down a path to success!