Importance of Music Theory in Guitar Lessons

Music theory is extremely important but seems to be neglected by many guitarists and guitar teachers in guitar lessons. Song writing, building chords, improvising, transposing, understanding music, and other areas of guitar playing will all be greatly limited if music theory is not made a part of your guitar lessons. Have you ever been to a bar or an open mic night with a singer who is singing terribly out of tune? It’s very unpleasant to the ears isn’t it? Well, if a guitarist who doesn’t understand music theory tries to improvise, chances are you’ll hear a wrong note. Or two. Or three. Or a thousand. Don’t be that guy. Understanding music theory will allow you to break down, write out, create, or duplicate rhythms. This will allow you to learn to correctly play the songs you like to listen to, as well as give you the ability to describe to someone else what you are playing instead of saying ,” It goes like this: dun dun da dun dun”. If you ever decide to play in a band, understanding how rhythms work will help you communicate with your band mates and will allow you to make musical sense. Understanding keys, scales, chords, and modes will allow you to make sure you play the correct notes in the specific key of the song as well as give you a structure for which notes work best and why. Once again, you don’t want to be that guitarist hitting notes that don’t fit and stand out because they sound so bad in the context of a song. Be sure you are learning your scales , keys, chords, and modes in your guitar lessons. And this is one of the many reasons why you should take guitar lessons with Fox Music of Virginia Beach. Our comprehensive, copyrighted level by level curriculum and unique method of teaching ensures you will be learning all the important aspects of music theory while also learning to play the guitar right away.