Improving your child’s ability to focus through guitar lessons

With so many constant sources of distraction, many children have trouble staying focused these days. Whether at school or during extracurricular activities, students are negatively impacted when they cannot concentrate their full attention on the task at hand. Guitar lessons at Fox Music of Virginia Beach are an excellent way to improve your child’s attention span and ability to focus. Studying music requires attentiveness. Students recognize that they must listen carefully to the teachers and to their instruments in order to get better. The great thing about guitar lessons is that by improving their attention spans at the studio, this will reinforce our students’ ability to pay attention at school. Learning to play guitar and getting better grades in class…benefits all around! Our guitar lessons are very interactive. Fox Music’s experienced music teachers do not just lecture to students, but instead ensure that they actively participate throughout each class. We want to help students increase the length of time that they are able to mentally concentrate on an activity, both at Fox Music and in all other areas of their lives. Our teachers keep students engaged during guitar lessons by asking questions, having students perform in front of the class when they feel comfortable, assigning exciting exercises for students to practice, and even physical activities such as teaching frets by using an agility ladder in the classroom! We feel that for students to truly have the desire to focus, they need to learn for themselves the importance of paying attention. This is why guitar lessons are a wonderful method of getting this message across. When your child decides he or she wants to play guitar, they are going to want to see results. Whether their goal is to play their favorite hit radio song on the guitar, or to impress their school friends with their musical abilities, students need to realize that achieving these ambitions won’t happen without focus. At Fox Music of Virginia Beach, our students learn that with attention, patience, and concentration, they can succeed at anything.