Improving your life with singing lessons

Singing Lessons are the good part of your day. When you wake up before the sun rises, go to school or work all day, and come home to do homework or catch up on phone calls, you have an imminent need for some sort of freeing outlet. Singing lessons do just that! When you come to learn week after week, you will find that your body physically responds in a positive way. Where you were stressed, you’ll notice relief. Where you had tension in your neck and shoulders, you will find yourself relaxing. Where anxiety threatened to take over, suddenly a peace intervenes. When you start exploring your instrument, you’ll find that you dread the small tasks throughout the day less and less because you know no matter what happens, at the end of the day you get to sing.

Singing Lessons and Priorities

Singing lessons bring a focus on your well being to the table. It is one of the only things you can do where the goal is to help you explore what you have inside, without piling another load of expectation on you, or the possibility that you won’t “get it right”. Here at Fox Music, there is only exploration of your instrument and excitement about growth! You do not walk in the door to please everyone else. Your instructors know that they are here for you, to help teach and train and guide you in the direction your instrument takes you. There is a freedom that comes with simply allowing yourself to be where you’re at while at the same time following instruction on how to grow. We live in an instant-gratification society, which makes us much less happy than older generations. With singing lessons, you cannot force your voice to grow faster than it is able. All you can do is follow your teacher’s instructions, and watch as you are cheered along the way. Soon, you’ll find you’re cheering yourself on too.