It’s All About Balance

When you decide to come to voice lessons, you may find that one side of your voice is stronger than the other. You may find that you are soaring over certain notes like it is the easiest thing in the world, but certain notes make you hit a “ceiling”. This is a very common problem with many singers, and the root of it is muscular imbalance. Both your head voice and your chest voice have vital roles in your singing, but most of the time you will find that your “comfortable place” in your instrument resides either in the head voice or in the chest voice. Is it easier for you to belt huge songs or are high notes where you find room to play? Do you ever get tired or is your issue a lack of power? If you find that you can’t hit certain notes without strain or excessive force, a lack of muscular strength in your head voice is probably the issue. If you can’t seem to get out a bigger sound even when the style calls for it, you probably need to strengthen your chest voice muscles! Not having a balanced voice is like having a broken leg. Even if your right leg is full of muscle, you can’t kick a soccer ball if your left leg is broken! We are creatures who are made for balance, and our instruments fully reflect that. Voice lessons are vital in making sure that you have a healthy and happy instrument! The more that you stabilize the two sides of your voice, the more you will find your “issues” start to disappear! Pitch problems, power problems, longevity problems, etc. will all slowly fade away as your muscles are built up and balance becomes the norm. Start voice lessons today, and see how a balanced voice is a beautiful voice!