The Key to Vocal Success

Muscular balance is the key to vocal success! Have you ever felt tired after singing? Have you ever found that there are certain notes you cannot hit comfortably? Do you wish you had a more powerful voice, or the ability to soften your sound at will? What you are lacking is muscular balance! We are created for balance, and we know it instinctually. We have two arms and two legs, two eyes and two ears. We have a balanced food diet of fruits and vegetables, fats and proteins, etc. We have a variety of subjects in school; science and math, history and english, PE and music! We know that we are built for balance, because it shows in how our very world runs. When it comes to our living breathing instruments, however, we expect to be able to produce the sound we desire without making sure that we are in balance. If you were to try and run a marathon with one of your legs being broken, what would happen? The same principle applies to your voice. If you try to sing without having a balanced strength in the vocal muscles, you will end up hurting yourself! Muscle is built in the voice the same way that it is built in the rest of the body. You do exercises to tear the muscle down, you let it rest, and it builds back up even stronger than before. To understand the length and intensity that you need to get as much strength as possible, you need someone to show you and explain it to you! That is where your voice lessons come in. The same way that you don’t want to go to the gym for the very first time and pick up the heaviest weights, you don’t want to start performing the hardest songs without proper instruction. At Fox Music, your vocal coach will create a plan for you that is suited to exactly where you are muscularly and create strength in all the right places! Start today!