Kids Voice Lessons and Lessening Stress

Kids voice lessons are a wonderful tool for children. These days children have a lot put on them at a very young age. They are expected to carry a lot on their shoulders. Being able to go somewhere that does not put that pressure on them is vital. Being able to be with people who support and encourage them can be life changing. And being able to do something they love is a sigh of relief. Not only do they learn all about their own unique instruments, singing can actually lower stress, depression, and anxiety in a child’s life. Depression and anxiety is on the rise in children. There are many ways to handle it. Some people suggest medicine. Some people suggest therapy. Fox Music suggests kids voice lessons! When you use your instrument, musical vibrations flow through you, changing you physically and emotionally. Part of this change comes from endorphins. Endorphins are a hormone that connects with feelings of pleasure.

Kids Voice Lessons and Lower Stress

Another hormone released during kids voice lessons it called oxytocin. This has been shown to relieve anxiety and stress. It also strengthens the feelings of trust and bonding, which has been shown to lessen feelings of loneliness. One study showed that those who took kids voice lessons had lower levels of cortisol than those who did not. Cortisol is the stress hormone, so having it low is a very good thing! Children need to be able to have somewhere to go where they can just breathe. Since kids voice lessons has an entire section on just breathing, what could be better? Starting your child on a journey to happiness, wholeness, and a lot of fun can be more than you ever imagined. So start today and see the wonderful big smiles on their faces!