Learning to Breathe for Singing

When it comes to singing lessons, there are many important factors that go into play. Learning how to keep your voice healthy, strengthening muscles, practice routines, and correct song choice are all important aspects of your musical journey. There is, however, one aspect of vocal development that can sometimes be overlooked by those who simply don’t know any better. That is the topic of correct breathing! When we are babies, we all breathe one specific way. Can you think of what it is? When you look at a baby or a toddler sleeping in their crib, what is the main movement that you see? That’s right! You see their bellies moving up and down, up and down, up and down. You see that they are taking in full deep breaths that last. The reason that they breathe this way is because it is the natural way for human beings to breathe. It is called abdominal breathing. This is the best way to breathe for singing lessons and performing in general, because it allows for a release of tension and an efficient use of breath. When you get nervous, what is the first thing that happens? For most people, it is that they start to breathe heavily because their breath gets shallow. This causes their chests to rise up and down. When in singing lessons, most people start out breathing this way. This is called clavicular breathing, and it is not desireable. This is a habit we want to break and a tendency we want to avoid, because it increases tension in areas where you want to have freedom and relaxation. Tension where it should not be can result in vocal issues. Performing can cause nervousness, and the first thing that your nerves will attack is your breath. If you make sure that your abdominal breathing is strong and consistent, then those nerves will not be able to stop you! Start singing lessons today, and see the amazing results!