Let The Nerves Roll Off

Want to do something fun and exciting? Look no further than singing lessons! At Fox Music, you’ll learn things things in your singing lessons that anyone can enjoy! Whether you want to sound better in the car, sing out confidently during that night-time karaoke, or audition for that community theatre musical, singing lessons will get you where you want to go! Everyone knows what it’s like to get in front of people, whether it’s a presentation for work, an assignment for school, or an audition, it can be scary to get up in front of people. Even when you’re well prepared, when you get up in front of people all of a sudden you can’t feel your hands or remember what it is you got up to say in the first place! And even if you’re comfortable speaking in front of people, singing is something else entirely! We know this; we’ve experienced it too! That’s why at singing lessons, you won’t only learn how to develop a beautiful and healthy singing voice, but you will have plenty of opportunities to get in front of people, and let the nerves roll off! You will be joining a community of people who are cheering each other on, people that have been or are in the same place that you are, and will walk beside you on your own personal journey! You will learn songs together, exercise your voices together, and perform for each other, making connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. Does this all sound good to you, but you’re still doubting about the voice stuff? Did you know that your voice is actually a muscle? That’s right, it’s a muscle, two muscles to be exact, and muscle has to respond to exercise! A well-exercised voice is a balanced voice and a balanced voice will automatically create a more beautiful tone. We will give you the tools to exercise those muscles correctly and efficiently, and you will see a difference as you practice. So what are you waiting for? Start singing lessons with Fox Music today!