Let Us Show You The Way!

Singing is an extremely powerful way to communicate with people. It can unlock a completely new voice that’s been inside you for so long. People can be nervous or frightened to explore what type of singing voice they have. If someone has ever told you that you are tone deaf, they are wrong. Being “tone deaf” isn’t a real thing. Singing off pitch is caused by a muscular imbalance within the registrations of your voice. There are two registrations. You have the head voice registration, which is the higher part of thing singing voice. Then there is the chest voice registration, which is the lower part of the singing voice. Each registration has a different adjustment within the vocal muscles. These muscles have to be exercised the correct way to strengthen them. They stronger the vocal muscles, they stronger the voice! Its just like body building. If you want to tone and strengthen your muscles , you have to work them out! When you some to singing lessons, we show you the basic fundamental vocal exercises designed to strengthen the 2 registers of the voice. As you singing ability continues to grow, you will learn more challenging exercises and work your way toward your best singing sound. Singing is all about dedication and commitment. If you want it, you can have it! All you have to do is realize you are worth it and your voice is worth it. Anyone from beginner to professional can learn something new when singing. Don’t let nerves or fear hold you back from discovering your voice. Being nervous is normal and its something that most people go through. But once those nerves go away, you will find that singing becomes easier because you will feel a new sense of freedom. Learning to sing is NOT impossible. There are certain steps that have to be taken. Let us show you the way!! Call today!