Maturing with Guitar Lessons

As a guitarist beginning guitar lessons at Fox Music, having an instrument put in your hands and seeing what musical art you can make from it is both invigorating and overwhelming. Just as you may mature with age, your confidence with guitar lessons will increase with every week that you come and sit down with an instructor at Fox Music. As you may hit milestones along the way as a maturing adolescent or adult, you too will hit guitar milestones through guitar lessons. Conquering certain frets or even beginning to write your very own music and practicing it during guitar lessons become defining moments that encompass yourself in various periods of your life. Bob Scaggs of the Steve Miller Band even once said, “My first love was the sound of guitar.” It is crazy how such powerful emotions that you convey growing up can be captured so fully by one instrument! The best part is there is no certain time in your life that you cannot stop and pick up a guitar and begin taking guitar lessons. In fact, you may not even know just how beginning guitar lessons can start impacting you by being a guitarist while you are experiencing life around you, from teenage angst to retirement. Slash once said, “When I picked up the guitar, suddenly, just playing a couple of notes really, really spoke to me. It was almost like I should have been doing it prior to that. You know, it was something that just felt really natural.” Hearing that, it is impossible to not be curious just how picking up a guitar and taking guitar lessons at Fox Music may start you on a creative journey as you mature in life. So what are you waiting for? Come in and sign up for guitar lessons at Fox Music of Virginia Beach and experience life as a guitarist, with limitless expression and inventiveness.