Music Lessons and Stepping Outside the Box

One of the many beautiful things about music lessons and having an interest in music in general is that it gives you many unique chances to think differently than you normally would. This happens when practicing and getting to know your instrument. Whether you’re finding a new way to perform a well-known song thanks to your newfound head or chest voice, or whether you try singing a style of music that you never have before. There are endless possible options and ways of expressing yourself through music lessons. You might find that you once only liked pop music, and now you find a new level with opera. Or you might be someone who only ever sang in church, but discovered in your music lessons that your heart immediately connected to Broadway. You may go through this adventure with yourself while taking music lessons and find out that there is a different style that you never considered moving towards.

Discovery Through Music Lessons

Music lessons provide a new world of discovery that you could never have imagined. Sometimes you may never know what true skill you have until you step outside your comfort zone. One of the most well known musicians of rock, Kurt Cobain, once said, “I never wanted to sing. I just wanted to play rhythm guitar – hide in the back and just play.” What would have happened if Kurt Cobain had never opened his mouth? A legacy would have been left undone. The chance to discover new areas of yourself and your voice is an incredible one to take advantage of. Taking time to really find out what is possible and what is inside of you could lead to open doors where they used to be shut tight. Our encouraging teachers at Fox Music are here to keep you focused on this exciting new chapter of your life through music lessons. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the adventure is well worth it!