Musical Theatre and Benefits For Children

Musical Theatre benefits children in a different way than adults. Science has become well versed in the benefits of play in children. One of these benefits is that playing and using their imaginations helps children grow in their ability to have self-control. Because Musical Theatre makes so much use of the imagination and can often feel like you are playing, it also aids in the growth of self-control in children. Musical Theatre opens up a child’s mind to all of the possibilities in their world of imagination. One of your biggest jobs as a child is to use your imagination and display that for your audience and your other cast members.

Musical Theatre and Social Benefits

Another benefit of Musical Theatre in children is the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes. When they are pretending to sing the song of their character, they have to imagine how that character’s voice would sound. They have to discover the way that he or she would portray his or her emotions within his or her notes. When they are learning to act how their character would act, they are imagining how someone else would feel in the situation they are shown. They cannot just go by how they would feel; they have to look at their character. When children are reading their lines through the eyes of another person, their inflections may be different than their characters’. This helps with the ability to empathize, sympathize, and think about someone other than themselves in every day life. When they have a conflict at school, instead of simply reacting based on their own emotions, they will have already practiced thinking about the other person. Musical Theatre is a beautiful benefit to the lives of children. It creates a world for them to explore, imagine, and discover.