Musical Theatre and Change

Musical Theatre is often looked at as simply a source of entertainment. But does it actually have the power to change people? Musical Theatre has been shown to improve the attitudes of the people involved in it or surrounding it. There are many issues in this world (to put it lightly), and one might argue that this is in part due to a lack of empathy for basic human life all around. When you immerse yourself in the world of Musical Theatre, you are forced to empathize. You will have to empathize with your character. You will have to empathize with the characters surrounding you. You will even have to empathize with yourself as you transition from your own personhood to that of the character you will be playing.

Musical Theatre and Working Out

Musical Theatre is almost like a gym class for relating to others. You exercise the muscle of communication. When you are interacting with others, you have to be able to communicate well to get through any hurdles or misunderstanding. If you are articulating things in a way that the other person can connect with, your performances will go much more smoothly. This communication helps in every other area of your life, since being able to communicate effectively can often prevent issues from rising up. In your Musical Theatre gym class, you also flex understanding. You find a way to relate to the songs you are singing and really sink your emotions into them. You also need to understand what is going on around you. This helps in other areas of your life when understanding can dissolve a tense situation quickly. Lastly, you build up the practice of listening. If Musical Theatre teaches you nothing else, it will teach you how to listen. This is the first step in any interaction with people in general, as well as in a song or production. So next time someone tells you that Musical Theatre is just for entertainment, you can smile confidently knowing the real story.