Musical Theatre and Commitment

Musical Theatre is something that needs you to really be committed. There is no scenario when it comes to Musical Theatre where it is no big deal if you are only halfway there mentally. There is a big need to be 100% committed no matter what part of the journey you’re on. There are some things in life that it is okay to be part of only when you are feeling into it. If you are part of a book club, you may not always like the book that is being read. If you do not be part of it, all you have to do is not go to book club as long as they are reading that book. Then when they move onto another book you can jump back in and you will not be affected at all. It is not that way with Musical Theatre. Any time that you are not giving your all, the performance suffers and you miss out. It is a passion in life that needs you as much as you need it.

Commitment In Your Musical Theatre Journey

Commitment comes in different ways when it comes to Musical Theatre. There is commitment to your character. This includes finding out what drives him or her, and figuring out how that character should sound. There is commitment to your songs. This means really working at finding that sweet spot in your voice and making sure you are only singing from that place, so you can be free to really express what your song is saying. Then there is commitment to the other people you are working with. If they are performing with everything they have and you are only giving half of yourself, you are not giving them what they need to react off of. Musical Theatre is a beautiful adventure, and the commitment you practice when you are involved in it is sure to trickle into the rest of your life.