Musical Theatre and Community

Musical Theatre brings people together. You are able to bond with the people you are performing with. You bond through your voices, your acting, and your passion. As you work on your voices together, you find that you blend. As you work on your acting together, you find that you know what the other person is going to do instinctually. Because you work on one goal together for a long period of time, you start to guess where your fellow performers are going to go with their characters and that allows you to follow them. When you work on your overall performance together, you increase your passion as a group. This brings a sense of unity and community. You feel like one big family when you participate in Musical Theatre with people who understand your love for it. This is because they have the same love for it that you do!

Musical Theatre and Working Together

Learning to work as a team is one of the biggest hurdles and blessings when it comes to Musical Theatre. You cannot do everything the way you think it should be done. You have to be able to see and think and hear from other people’s perspectives. There is never just one person leading an entire production. Not even the director is solely in charge of making sure that the show runs smoothly. It takes everyone involved to make a great performance happen. You have to have everyone doing their part. There is no one in any Musical Theatre production that is more important than anyone else. That is one of the beautiful things about working as a team. When you get involved in Musical Theatre, you are giving yourself an experience of a lifetime. It is a beautiful experience you will never forget.