Musical Theatre and Connection

Musical Theatre provides connection in a way that few other things do. The entire idea behind the development of Musical Theatre is to connect. One big goal is to connect with your audience. When you are on the stage performing, you cannot forget who you are really there for. There is an entire group of people sitting in the audience waiting to feel something. Whether you are showing angst, sadness, or overwhelming joy, your number one goal is to make a connection with the many different people sitting in front of you. Connection is the main reason that people love Musical Theatre. They want something to be able to relate to. They want something to be able to identify with. And they want to feel like something inside of them has been affected. They want to feel like somehow the music, lyrics, and execution of the entire performance has made a difference in their day; maybe even in their lives. That is one of the many beautiful aspects of Musical Theatre.

Musical Theatre and Connecting With Others

Making a connection with your audience is just one of the goals of Musical Theatre. Another big thing to reach for is making a connection with the people you are performing with. There are many different kinds of connections. There is personal connection. This is where something just clicks with you and another person from the minute you meet one another. There is stage connection. This is where you and another person feel that “magic” that happens when you perform together, and you can relate to everything they are doing on the stage and respond adequately. And then there is professional connection. This is where you and someone in your cast are not necessarily close friends, nor do you even have a song together. But because of what you do and the craft you love, you have mutual respect for them and therefore maintain a connection through the creative process. Whatever your experience with Musical Theatre is, finding a connection should and can be a blessing to find and let blossom.