Musical Theatre and Emotional Connection

Musical Theatre brings many different parts of you out. It will bring out the emotional side of you. It will bring out the disciplined side of you. And it will bring out the determined side of you. When you are involved in Musical Theatre, you connect emotionally with every aspect of your journey. You connect with your character. You connect with your songs. And you connect with the entire process and growth you experience as a person. You may find that when you are really getting to know your character, you understand him or her in a deeper way than you expected. When you are performing a song that you truly start to feel and let out what your character is going through. Your voice may communicate little things and big things naturally because of the way you are connecting emotionally to your songs. The connection you have with the entire process of growth and change you experience when participating in Musical Theatre is life changing. Being part of something that is bigger than yourself will always result in a change for the better!

Musical Theatre and Connecting

Musical Theatre allows you to be present with your emotions. Usually in every day life, you are not allowed to show everything that you are feeling and thinking. When you are performing, however, you show the reactions, thoughts, and feelings of your character right away. There can be no hiding how you are feeling. If you do try to hide your emotions or do not display them well, it could stop you from being able to communicate in an effective way. When you decide to take part in Musical Theatre, you are opening yourself and your world up to a new experience. The connection that comes from this experience could be life changing!